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Social projects

The mission of Luna Shrimp Farms is to support the farmers and the region in general. Stay up to date and find out more about our current projects.



Renovation of the school

Company founder Heiko Lenk regularly travels to Bangladesh, is in contact with the farmers on site and seeks contact with the communities. During one of his last stays, he came across a private school run by the farming community in Debhata.

The school was in need of renovation and so Heiko Lenk quickly decided to help with the Luna project. The building has been completely renovated inside and out, with the exterior façade receiving a new plaster and a new coat of paint. Each classroom has been equipped with electricity and fans to make learning and teaching more enjoyable for students and teachers. At the start of the newly renovated school, all 50 students received school uniforms, backpacks and school supplies. In addition to the material support, the school also receives financial support, with the salaries of the four teachers being covered. During Heiko Lenk’s last visit, early April 2024, additional essential school equipment such as pencils and books have been provided.

Building a roof for the water place

Residents in the Debhata region use central drinking water places for water supply. In the families, it is usually the women who are responsible for procuring drinking water and bringing the water in containers from the water place to their homes. Filling the containers also always takes time. Until now the central water place had no roof shelter and thus offered no protection against the sun or rain. This has now been changed. The water place has been equipped with a roof shelter, so that from now on no woman needs to stand in the heat or in the rain any longer.



Donating sewing machine

Sewing machines have been donated to some distressed women who are now capable of stitching clothes and receiving orders. By generating income, they are better able to maintain their family. The Bangladeshi government provided a small training at the very start. The women expressed their gratitude; they are very happy to contribute by creating some earnings.

Arranging a latrine

Community support being part of the project, Luna Shrimp Farms arranged to set up a Hygienic Latrine. The people are very thankful; it improves their living circumstances.